Letitia Tyrrell

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Hello! I’m Letitia, a junior front end developer and all-round creative based in Manchester.

HTML, CSS and Javascript are my main tools but I’m also currently learning PHP & React.

I’m currently creating video content for one of the world’s biggest social media publishers.

I’m big on design, animation and creating responsive websites as standard.

What I can do

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I’m a bit of a whizz kid when it comes to the Adobe suit. I’m able to design beautiful websites - and create the assets to go with them.

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I’m a creative at heart and by trade, so creative solutions are at the centre of everything I do.

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I'm skilled in HTML and CSS, so I can develop beautiful, responsive websites as standard.

My (completely legit) testimonials

She developed while I ran through fields of Wheat illegally.

-Theresa May

She will build a great site - and nobody builds sites better than her, believe me.

-Donald Trump

She’s awful at everything and I hate her.

-My Cat